How do I change my UPWORDS profile picture?

FaceBook Login

Your UPWORDS profile picture is simply your Facebook profile picture.

Email Login

We use a service called Gravatar to define your UPWORDS profile picture. Setup an account with Gravatar using the same email as your UPWORDS account.


What are Tokens used for?

Currently Tokens can used for 3 things:

Player Rank, how does it work?

UPWORDS uses the ELO system for calculating ranks.

What is the Letter Distribution?

Letters Number
J Qu V X Z 1 of each
K W Y 2 of each
B F G H P 3 of each
C 4 of each
D L M N R T U 5 of each
S 6 of each
A I O 7 of each
E 8 of each

My opponent isn’t playing their move. Can I resign or delete this game?

UPWORDS allows 5 days for a player to play a move in an Online Game. On day 4 they will receive a warning via Push Notification. On day 5 they will be automatically resigned from the game which will count as a loss. If you’d rather not wait out a slow player you can resign the game yourself at any time.


In the Online Matches section swipe the game cell to the left to reveal the option.


Tap the 3 dots to the right of the game cell to reveal the option. You can also hit the menu button at the bottom left and tap Resign

If a game has only a few moves played you'll have the option to delete the game without penalty.

What Dictionary do you use? Word “X” is not being accepted!

We get a lot of questions about the dictionary. We use “TWL06” which is described here:
Official Tournament and Club Word List

I'd like to review the words and points from the last play

Each time you load a game you'll get an overview of the last player's move. You can pop this message up again at any time by tapping on the UPWORDS logo at the top of the game board.

You can also see a full history of the game by tapping the menu button at the lower left of the game board and selecting Word History.

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